Yoga is my life

Yoga for me has been everything, Yoga is my life.
Everything started in 1988, when I was only about 5 years old, I saw some people practicing yoga in an open park preparing themselves for a regional yoga championship. It was so inspiring to see them that I decided to start yoga and be like them.

I was so motivated, this idea of championship drove me crazy, that I would be practicing yoga for minimum 3 to 4 hours a day on everyday of the week. It was a very challenging experience as I was not flexible at all to begin with but soon I started getting to know my body and building up an image of what I was going to be able to do in the future.

In 1995, after almost 7 years of trying to become a champion, I finally became a state yoga champion and after that a national yoga champion. My winning career started from that point and it continued for next 13 years consequently when I became 11 times national champion, 2 times university champion and 2 times international yoga champion.

I simply trusted myself, I knew that the only thing I had to do was to work hard and to print all of those incredible yoga postures in my body and mind by not giving up and practicing harder.Deepak

For the last 20 years of my life, I have been teaching yoga sharing what I know with all my students and encouraging them to stick to these yoga postures and to maintain the tradition without doing any crazy stuff because I know that if it worked for me, it can work for everyone.

One of the most important things that I have taken with me after everything I´ve learned in all of these years of practicing yoga, is that my first encounter with yoga was competition and later I realized that it is not with others around us, it has to be with our own self. And, by becoming a champion, I also fulfilled one of my biggest dreams to share everything I know to everyone outside of India who would want to learn from me.

My advice to all of you is something you should always keep close to you that in every yoga session whether you are flexible or not, if you put all your sincere efforts and positive intentions, you will find that your yoga practice will always get better. Yoga leads to only one direction in our life and that is the direction of betterment. With every yoga session you practice, you will feel different as you will always find your body changing on constant basis. And that is what exactly keeps you going on and on with your yoga practice.

Always remember that yoga build up a sense of self fulfillment in us and that leads to a peaceful mind and hence a great moral character. If you believe in it from the bottom of your heart and never give up, you will achieve everything you want in your life.


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